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Nanoleaf Essentials (Non-Matter)

My essentials are not turning or receiving power. What should I do?

There are a few steps that you can take if the Light Strips or the Bulbs are not turning on that we recommend following:   If your Nanoleaf Bulb is no longer turning on, try these steps here: 1. Confirm that the socket is working by using a standard

How to connect a Google Nest device to your Essentials lights with Seamless Setup

You can easily setup your Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs and Light Strips to your Google Nest device by following the steps below:   Open the Google Home app . Make sure that you have the most recent version. At the top left, tap Add   Set up device  Set

Essentials, Thread, and Thread Border Routers

One of the great parts of Essentials is they work on Thread, which has lots of benefits. In order to use Thread in your home, you need a product that also includes Thread Border Routing. This usually looks like a product that has both Thread and Wifi

Can I use a dimmer switch to control my Nanoleaf Essentials bulbs?

The simple answer is no! Our Nanoleaf Essentials bulbs already have a dimming capability which is not designed to work with traditional wall dimmers. The two separate dimmer signals can clash and can cause the bulbs to flicker, buzz, or lose connecti

Scheduling your Nanoleaf Essentials

Scheduling your Nanoleaf Essentials with Google Home Requirements: Google Home device (Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max) First, ensure your Nanoleaf Essentials device is paired with your Google device through Seaml

How To Factory Reset Your Nanoleaf Essentials?

The Nanoleaf Essentials devices only have a factory reset mechanism. This resets all user pairing and network information. This is performed differently between bulbs and light strips. “Turn off/on” refers to physically powering on/off the device wit

How to use Google's Gentle Sleep and Wake feature?

The Gentle Sleep and Wake feature allows you to slowly brighten or dim your Nanoleaf Light Strips and bubls. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white color, then slowly dims them over the next 30 minutes. Gentle Wake brightens your lights over a

Essentials Firmware Release Notes

1.6.8 (2021-06-16) Added support for Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers Added support for cloud control integrations (requires Nanoleaf Shapes/Elements with firmware 6.1.1+ or Canvas/Light Panels with Firmware 6.1.1+ and a compatible Thread Border

How to Set Up your Nanoleaf Essentials with eero

Thread is a networking protocol designed for supporting low-powered devices. You can setup our Nanoleaf devices with your eero router by following the steps outlined below: Requirements: You must have a compatible eero device that supports thread  T