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Expanding your Nanoleaf Lines Setup

For those that are planning to expand their current Lines setup, here are some tips for best practice. 

Start with a Plan

Start by determining the design you would like for your Nanoleaf Lines. Once your design is complete, you will need to consider how to connect each Light Line to the next. We would recommend to layout the design on the floor or table first before mounting your Lines on the wall or ceiling.

The power supply included in the smarter kit can support up to 18 Light Lines. Extending the layout above 18 Light Lines requires to add an additional power supply and power connector which will be available soon. 

However as an alternative you can extend your setup by adding the processor and power connector from a second smarter kit.

Step one:

Ensure that both Lines processors are on the firmware version 6.2.1 or higher. If one of the processors is not updated, we would suggest to pair the processor first. Upgrade the firmware to 6.2.1 or higher and then follow the steps two and three outlined below.

Step two:

It is important that you connect the power supply with the processor from the second smarter kit fist! Slide the connection piece at the end of the PSU to the processor.

Step three:

Once you've combined the PSU together with the processor, add both to your existing Nanoleaf Lines setup. The additional processor will automatically go into passive mode while the first processor will function as the main controller.

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