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How do I add another ZigBee light or bulb to my hub?Updated 3 years ago

Adding another bulb to your hub is very easy!

Simply press the discovery button on your hub and turn on your light. If your light is at factory settings, it should join automatically within seconds.

For the Nanoleaf Ivy, the light will pulse gently when searching for a Hub and will pulse strongly when it joins the hub. For other ZigBee lights, please refer to manufacturer information to understand any visual cues.

Once the light has joined, you should be able to control it in your iOS App, assuming you have added the hub to HomeKit.

If you need to learn how to reset an Ivy to factory default, please click here.

For reset procedures of other manufacturers:

  1. Cree Connected Bulb
  2. GE Link Bulb
  3. Wemo Bulb
  4. To reset bulbs from other manufacturers, please refer to their documentation.
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