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How Do I Add/Reset a Wemo Bulb?Updated 2 years ago

Adding a Wemo Bulb

If the Wemo bulb is at factory settings:

  1. Press the Discover button on your Hub.
  2. Turn the Wemo bulb on.
  3. The bulb will flash when connected to the Hub. The bulb should show automatically in the App.

To Reset a Wemo bulb to factory settings:

  1. Start with the WeMo LED on
  2. Flip the switch off and wait 1 second before flipping it back on.
  3. Wait 3-4 seconds, then repeat two more times.
  4. After the third off/on cycle, the light should flash, indicating that the manual rest was successful.
  5. Once the bulb is reset, you'll only have 4 minutes to pair it with our Hub
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