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How do I reset the Hub settings?Updated 3 years ago

Resetting the hub will delete all HomeKit setting and remove hub-bulb pairing information. If the bulbs are on and paired to the hub, they will automatically be reset to factory settings as well. If your bulbs are off, they may need to be manually reset after this procedure.

  1. Unplug the power from the Hub
  2. Use a paper clip/eject tool to press in and hold the reset button. The reset button is at the back of the hub where the ethernet port is located.
  3. Plug the power back in while continuing to hold the reset button
  4. The Hub's LED ring will count down and then flash several times. After this, release the reset button, and let the Hub boot for 2 minutes.

After this you will need to re-pair your Smarter Hub. If you have previously paired with the hub on your phone, you may need to delete it from Settings → Manage Accessories, before repairing. For repairing the bulbs to the hub, make sure to switch the bulb off for 5 seconds and then turn the bulbs on.

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