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How do I sync between iOS devices on the same iCloud account?Updated 3 years ago

Note: You must have your HomeKit accessory paired to a master iOS device before syncing between iOS devices on the same iCloud account.

To enable iCloud syncing of your HomeKit data, you will need to enable iCloud key chain on your iOS devices using your iCloud account if you haven't already done so.

  • To enable iCloud Keychain go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain and enable "iCloud Keychain" and then follow the onscreen instructions
    Note: Enable iCloud keychain on the master iOS device before enabling it on other iOS devices
  • Sign in using your iCloud account on the other iOS device and enable iCloud key chain
  • iCloud syncing of HomeKit data can take 2-24 hours. If you can see your HomeKit accessory from your secondary iOS device(s) then the iCloud sync has been completed.


  • Make sure your iOS devices are using iOS 9 or higher
  • In some scenarios, iCloud syncing has better results if your Apple ID ends in If you are using a third party email address, you might be prompted to set up an alternate Apple ID ending with
  • If your Apple ID is without an email address, add an email alias at
  • If the iCloud sync does not complete after 3-4 hours then try restarting your iOS device and sign in your apple ID again.

Note: iCloud syncing is developed/managed by Apple and is largely out of Nanoleaf's control. For further troubleshooting you may contact Apple Support.


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