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How to Troubleshoot & Reset your Umbra LampsUpdated 7 months ago

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Lamp, try these steps:

Power Cycle 

Power cycle your lights by unplugging them from power and then plugging them back in. You can also try to unscrew it from the socket (make sure it's powered off before you do it), and then screw it back in.

* Only applicable to Cup Lamp


Try toggling your Bluetooth off and back on, restarting the app you’re using to control your lights, or restarting your device.

Check a Switch

Make sure that your lights weren’t turned off by a physical switch as this would make them powered down and unresponsive.

* Only applicable to Cup Lamp

Check your Battery

Check to see if the battery inside your Lamp is dead by pressing the on/off button.

* Only applicable to Cono

Perform a Reset

This will delete your pairing and network information, so once the reset is performed you will need to pair again. Before performing this reset, delete the Umbra lamp from the app.

  • Cup Lamp:

Switch your Lamp off, wait for 3 seconds, then switch it back on for no more than 1 second. Repeat this for a total of 5 cycles. If the reset is successful, the bulb will flash red three times, and then it’s ready to be paired again.

  • Cono Lamp:

Tap the Power button twice quickly, then press it once more and hold it for 10 seconds until your device flashes red three times, indicating a successful reset. 

If you’ve performed all of these steps and your issue still persists, please reach out to the Nanoleaf support team for further assistance.

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