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Umbra Smart Lamps

Pair Your Umbra Lamps with the Nanoleaf App

To ensure a smooth pairing process, please make sure you have the following things ready:. Your Device. Pairing Code. Requires iOS 13+ or Android 9. Turn ON Bluetooth. Found on the front of this Quick Start Guide (as a QR code and 11 digit pairing co

Pair Your Umbra Lamps with a Smart Home Ecosystem

To pair with a smart home ecosystem, you must have:. A Matter-compatible smart home hub that is already paired to your ecosystem. A thread border router (may be the same device as your smart home hub). We recommend pairing first with the Nanoleaf App

Controlling Your Umbra Lamp

You can control your Umbra Lamp via the Nanoleaf App (requires Bluetooth), your smart home ecosystem app (requires Matter compatible hub and Thread border router), and/or through the built-in toggle switch/button found on your Cup or Cono Lamp. Throu

How to Troubleshoot & Reset your Umbra Lamps

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Lamp, try these steps:. * Only applicable to Cup Lamp. Try toggling your Bluetooth off and back on, restarting the app you’re using to control your lights, or restarting your device. Make sure that your lig

Umbra Smart Lamps Release Notes

November 28, 2023. What's Changed:. November 28, 2023. What's Changed:. November 28, 2023. What's Changed: