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I am in a University/Dorm/Office, can I use the panels?Updated a year ago

Enterprise style routers such as those on college/university campuses, offices, or apartments often have different security settings than those on standard consumer routers. Connecting your Nanoleaf products is possible, but may require additional assistance.


Generally this can be done by whitelisting the Nanoleaf panels by the MAC Address (which is found on the back of the Nanoleaf Controller), but please consult your IT professional to assist in getting this setup.


The router needs to be compatible with the Bonjour protocol in order to be discovered on the local network. As long as these settings are configured, you should be able to use the panels on enterprise networks.


Another alternative to this is to set up the panels in hotspot mode where they will generate their own WiFi hotspot, which you can connect your phone to. See our article here to configure this setting. 

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