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I'm getting the "Accessory is not reachable" errorUpdated 3 years ago

With the "Accessory is not reachable" error, it means a path to the hub could not be established. This is typically an issue with connectivity.


  1. Make sure you are on the same local wi-fi network as your hub.*
  2. Make sure the hub is properly connected to Ethernet and power.
  3. Try turning your wi-fi off and on on you iOS device.
  4. Try power cycling the hub.
  5. Try power cycling your router.

*Remote control is currently only available for users who have an Apple TV.

Advanced Steps:

For connectivity, the hub uses something called Bonjour, which broadcasts its "availability". You can download on your iOS device and make sure the "Nanoleaf Smarter Hub" is shown under the HAP section. If you can see this entry listed and you still receive the "Accessory is not reachable" error, you will need to repair with the hub:

  1. Delete the existing hub from your phone. In the App, go to Settings and click Manage Accessories. Click the gear and delete the hub.
  2. Once you delete things, if the hub does not appear back under "Unpaired Accessories", reset it by pressing the reset button once with a pin. The hub lights will flash once.
  3. You will need to reset your bulbs and rejoin them to the hub.
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