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Pair Your Umbra Lamps with a Smart Home EcosystemUpdated 8 months ago

To pair with a smart home ecosystem, you must have:

  1. A Matter-compatible smart home hub that is already paired to your ecosystem

  2. A thread border router (may be the same device as your smart home hub)

We recommend pairing first with the Nanoleaf App to ensure the smoothest experience.

If starting in the Nanoleaf App:
After pairing in the Nanoleaf App, if you’re presented with the “Add To An Ecosystem” screen:

  1. Tap the Connect button.

  2. On iOS: you will automatically be prompted to add the light to Apple Home. 

  3. On Android, you will be shown a menu with the following:

  • Options for supported apps for direct pairing (select one and you’ll be directed through the setup flow in that app)

  • “Use pairing code” -  select this if the app you want to pair with is on the same phone/tablet but doesn’t show up in the list, copy the code, and paste the code into the app you want to pair with.

  • “Use QR code” - select this if the app you want to pair with is on a different phone/tablet, then open the app on your other device and scan the new QR code.

If you do not see the “Add To An Ecosystem” screen, access your Umbra product settings within the Nanoleaf App and tap Connections. 

If starting straight from your Smart Home Ecosystem App:

If you wish to pair directly with one of the ecosystems, ensure the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. A Matter-compatible smart home hub is already paired to your ecosystem

  2. Compatible Thread border router is already paired (may be the same device as your smart home hub)

  3. This is the first ecosystem you’re pairing your Essentials to.

  4. Pairing must be initiated within 15 minutes of the light being powered on. If this window has lapsed, take the following steps:

    1. Cono: Tap the power button 3 times, and then press and hold it once more for 10 seconds to enable/re-enable pairing mode. 

    2. Cup Lamp: Disconnect and reconnect your lights from power to re-enable pairing.

Then, proceed with the following steps in the links below for your desired ecosystem:

Apple Home

Pairing with Apple Home is only available using an iOS device.


Google Home


Amazon Alexa


Samsung SmartThings


If you’ve performed all of these steps and your issue still persists, please reach out to the Nanoleaf support team for further assistance.

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