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Product Support/Security PolicyUpdated a month ago

We want to ensure all of our products are getting the latest updates to improve performance and security. We will maintain the security and performance updates for at least 5 years from the launch date for most of our products.

You can use the table below to find the launch dates and guaranteed update schedules for all our current products.

Launch Date
Guaranteed updates until*
Nanoleaf ShapesMay 2020May 2025
Nanoleaf ElementsMay 2021May 2026
Nanoleaf LinesAugust 2022August 2027
Nanoleaf Bulbs & Lightstrip ( Matter over Thread )January 2023January 2028
Nanoleaf 4DSeptember 2023September 2028
Nanoleaf Holiday String LightsOctober 2023October 2028
Nanoleaf SkylightJanuary 2024January 2029
Nanoleaf Outdoor String LightsApril 2024April 2029
Nanoleaf Lightstrips ( Matter over WiFi )May 2024May 2029

To report a product security issue, please use this link

*Updates may well continue after the date, but it is likely that they will be less frequent. Consumers are encouraged to regularly check for updates in the Nanoleaf app.

Date Updated : 5/22/2024

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