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Scheduling your Nanoleaf EssentialsUpdated a year ago

Scheduling your Nanoleaf Essentials with Google Home


Google Home device (Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max)

First, ensure your Nanoleaf Essentials device is paired with your Google device through Seamless Setup.

Then follow the steps below to configure a schedule for your Nanoleaf Essential devices: 

  1. Open the Google Home app

  2. Tap “Routines” on the home page.

  3. Create a new Routine with the + button

  4. Select a time and the days for the Routine.

  5. Under “Assistant will”, press “Add action”, and either: 
    1. Enter a command that you would normally use through voice

    2. Tap “Browse Popular actions”, and tap the gear icon on the right of the “Adjust lights, plugs, and 
      more” option. Select from the drop-down options for your devices.

  6. Once finished, press “Add”.


Scheduling your Nanoleaf Essentials through Apple HomeKit 

Requirements for iOS:

  • Home Hub device ( AppleTV 4th gen or later, HomePod or HomePod mini)
  • iOS 11.3 or higher  

You can configure schedules for your Nanoleaf Essentials devices through automations in the Home app if they’re paired to HomeKit.

You can create an automation as follows: 

  1. Open your Home app on your iOS device

  2. From the home dashboard, tap "Automation."

  3. Tap the + in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Select the action that will activate the automation (“A Time of Day Occurs” for a typical schedule).

  5. Select the day (or days) and time this schedule should take place and tap “Next”.

  6. Select the Essentials device or a scene containing it and tap “Next”.

  7. If the Essentials device was selected, tap and hold on the device card to set the color/brightness of the device for the automation.

  8. Tap “Done” to save the automation.

NOTE: This can also be done via voice commands, such as “Hey Google!, turn on my lights at 8 am”.

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