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What commands can I use to control my Light Panels with Amazon Alexa?Updated 3 years ago

The following commands can be used to control your Light Panels with Alexa:


“Alexa, turn on <Name of Light Panels>”
“Alexa, turn off <Name of Light Panels>”


“Alexa brighten <Name of Light Panels>”
“Alexa dim <Name of Light Panels>”
“Alexa, set brightness of <Name of Light Panels> to 50 percent” (works for all integers to 0 to 100)

Color Control

“Alexa set <Name of Light Panels> to blue”

 Scene Control

In the context of Alexa, scenes are added as separate devices since they can activate multiple devices in each scene. You can activate scenes by using the following command:

 “Alexa, turn on <Scene Name>”

 Please note that you are unable to turn off a scene so to turn off your devices, you will need to use the Light Panels control syntax. 

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