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Amazon Alexa Integration

How to setup your Nanoleaf device with Amazon Alexa

Minimum Requirements: Canvas with Firmware: 1.0.1 or higher Light Panels with Firmware: 1.4.32 or higher Smarter Hub with Firmware: 1.0.7 or higher iOS App Version: 1.3 or higher Android App Version: 1.1 or higher Your own Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or

What commands can I use to control my Light Panels with Amazon Alexa?

The following commands can be used to control your Light Panels with Alexa: On/Off “Alexa, turn on ” “Alexa, turn off ” Brighten/Dim “Alexa brighten ” “Alexa dim

Having problems controlling your panels with Alexa?

If you are having trouble controlling your Light Panels with Alexa there are a couple of basic troubleshooting steps you can try to regain control via Alexa: Unplug the Light Panels, wait 10 seconds and then plug back in Sign out of your Nanoleaf Ac