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Why isn't my light turning on using the normal light switch?Updated 3 years ago

Our bulbs are designed to remember their last settings even after power is turned off. If you turn off the bulb using the app or Siri, it will stay unlit even if you turn it off and on again manually. To manually turn the light back on, make sure power is on and quickly turn it off and on again using your switch. This will cause the bulb to turn on and dim up to full brightness. We call this “Bloom” functionality.

If you are unsure which switch state is "on" (like a table lamp for example), try the following steps 2 or 3 times:

  1. Toggle the switch twice, quickly (this will either be "off-on" or "on-off" depending on the initial state).
  2. If the bulb doesn't dim up, toggle the switch once and try again.
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