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Controlling Multiple Devices (Android)

To control multiple sets of Light Panels from the Android app, you simply need to add another device, similar to how the first device was set up. Open the Nanoleaf App, then open the menu in the top left and select Devices Select the + icon and Sele

What are Scenes?

What are Scenes? Scenes, in the context of the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app are an action of collection collection of actions which are performed on a device or multiple devices. These scenes are separated into 3 different sections: Colors, Rhythm and

Scheduling Your Light Panels (Android)

Within the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App there is an option for scheduling your Light Panels to execute scenes at specific times. You can find a great guide for setting up schedules in the video below.    Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact

My firmware is not updating on my Light Panel controller (Android)

If you have not received the latest firmware update, please try the following:  Unplug the Nanoleaf Controller from the wall outlet, wait for 10 seconds and then plug back in again. After the boot up sequence completes, the panels will resume the las

Adding users to control your Light Panels on Android

The Nanoleaf Android App is able to have multiple phones connected to the Light Panels at one time. There is no need to add a new user within the app as with the iOS App. A new user simply needs to download and open the Nanoleaf App. After creating o

What Languages are supported on the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App?

The following languages are translated Chinese (Simplified) French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Portuguese (Brazilian) We are always looking to increase the support for more languages. If you are interested in translati

Android App Permissions

The following are the permissions required for the Android app: Location: Allows Wifi to scan for devices. Required to set up Light Panels to the network. Can be turned off after setup. Bluetooth: Required for Remote firmware updates. Camera: Req

Android Feature Requests

Have a request for something to add or improve on our Android App? Please let us know at [email protected]. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us if you still need help