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Nanoleaf Bloom - Discontinued

What is the Nanoleaf Bloom?

Nanoleaf Bloom is our part of our classic series; the first dimmable light bulb that doesn't need a dimmer. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us if you still need help.

Is the Nanoleaf Bloom compatible with a standard dimmer switch setup?

The Nanoleaf Bloom works with a regular on/off light switch. It will not dim with a standard dimmer switch setup. Follow these steps to dim your Nanoleaf Bloom:  1) Flick switch ON - bulb takes about 3 seconds to reach full brightness 2) Flick switch

Does the Nanoleaf Bloom work in a fixture that uses a remote controlled switch?

Yes, as long as it is an on/off switch that can turn the light on and off within half a second like a normal on/off switch. Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us if you still need help.

Can multiple Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs be installed into a multiple fixture which is controlled by a single light switch?

Yes. Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs can be installed into multiple fixtures controlled by a single on/off light switch. The light of all of the Nanoleaf Blooms in the fixtures will be adjusted at the same time using the single light switch, and will function j

Does the Nanoleaf Bloom work in a three way lamp?

No, the Nanoleaf Bloom is not compatible with three way lamps because it is programmed to work in regular light fixtures and lamps. The three way lamp is the special lamp that supports three different brightness levels, and those require specific thr

Does the Nanoleaf Bloom work in a three way light switch?

Yes it does! As long as it is a three way light switch, and not a three way lamp. The difference is that the three way light switch is one light fixture being controlled by multiple light switches, and a three way lamp is the special lamps that suppo

Is there a purpose to the different Bloom colored bulbs, or are all the lights the same and the color is just for aesthetics?

The colors are purely fun aesthetics for when the bulb is not in use, they do not affect the functionality or appearance of the lightbulb when it is on. However, the colored bulbs may result in added cool life points and looks of admiration from frie

Is the Nanoleaf Bloom truly omnidirectional?

The Nanoleaf Bloom has gone through a standard test called LM-79-08, a standard defined by Illuminating Engineering Society to determine its angular lighting distribution. The test was conducted by an EPA recognized certification body. In the diagram