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Expanding Your Canvas System with Multiple Power SuppliesUpdated 3 years ago


When setting up a layout that requires multiple power supplies, it’s important to understand that power flows through the system in a way that is entirely dependent on how you connect your panels to each other.

Your Canvas system is designed to protect against all conditions that may lead to failure, including electrical problems and potential safety hazards. The system is designed to detect where you have placed panels and power supplies, and then optimize the overall system to protect the weakest link.

To simplify setup, we strongly recommend using either 25W power supplies or 75W power supplies. This reduces the likelihood of inadvertently placing power supplies in a manner that provides for poor system performance.

The Power Diagnostic tool in the app will help you progressively place or optimize the locations of your supplies, although they work best when you are using a single type of power supply.

If you do not have the option of using a single power supply type, try the following strategies to optimize your placement:

  • Please note, you are not able to use the 75W and 25W in the same setup due to Voltage difference
  • Your setup can be only be comprised of 25W or 75W power supply based on the number of panels
  • The 25W supply supports 25 panels per PSU and the 75W supports 75 panels per PSU so pending the number of panels you might require more than one PSU
  • Roughly separate the layout depending on the total power of 25W versus the total power of 75W suppliesDistribute all other supplies as evenly as possible

A good rule of thumb is to plan for each panel to draw 1 watt of power (this is the maximum electricity each panel could draw, though will likely be lower in practice).


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