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How Do I Reset My Nanoleaf Canvas?

Your Nanoleaf Canvas can only be connected to one WiFi network at a time. The following steps will reset your Canvas so they can be configured onto a new network or reset to factory settings. Soft Reset: This will reset WiFi and all pairing informati

How do I use Touch and Touch Gestures with My Nanoleaf Canvas?

Your Nanoleaf Canvas Light Squares are touch-sensitive, bringing a whole new dimension to the Nanoleaf experience! There are two different ways to interact with the Canvas using touch. TouchOn all Canvas scenes, you can interact via touch. For exampl

What do the LEDs on the Canvas Control Square Indicate?

On the Canvas Control Square, each button has an LED which backlights it. The table below shows what these LED indicators mean LED Sequence Duration Indicator Meaning Power LED On (White) Always The Canvas has not been setup onto a Wifi network.

Can I use the Canvas Outside?

It is not recommended to use the Canvas in an outdoor setting. This is because the Canvas is not rated for inclement weather conditions like rain and snow

How Do I use Touch Gestures

A "Touch Gesture" is a command transferred to the Nanoleaf Canvas by touching the surface of the squares, to trigger a specific skill or feature. The Touch Gestures that can be configured on the Nanoleaf Canvas are: Double Tap Swiping Down Swiping U

Canvas Technical Specs

The technical specifications for the Nanoleaf Canvas can be found below. Specifications Luminous Flux: 44 Lm / panel Colour Temperature: 1200K - 6500K Energy Consumption: 0.3W - 1W / panel Input Voltage: 110VAC ~ 240VAC System Voltage: 42VDC Max Ene

Canvas and Rhythm

In order to have the Nanoleaf Light Panels respond to sounds, such as music, Nanoleaf created the Rhythm Module.  Unlike the Nanoleaf Light Panels, the Nanoleaf Canvas has the Rhythm module built in to the Control Square, which can be activated by pr

What do the Canvas buttons do?

The Control Square for your Nanoleaf Canvas features 6 LED backlit buttons that perform a variety of functions. These are as follows: Simple Button Actions Button User Input Result Power Single press Toggle panel power Brightness

Troubleshooting: Android App Errors

When using your Android device you might come across the following Android errors: Error 01 or 04 This is usually an error related to setup where the phone is unable to connect to the Canvas and then back to the Wifi network. To resolve, try the foll

Troubleshooting: iOS App Errors

On iOS, there are a few error messages that might appear during or after the setup process. The list below, addresses the most common error message and troubleshooting steps. The setup code is incorrect The pairing code that was submitted through the

How do I enable Hotspot Mode on the Canvas?

By activating the hotspot mode on the Canvas, the Canvas will begin to broadcast its own wifi, but with no internet connection.    Press and hold the rhythm as well as the power for 30 seconds. All 6 buttons on the Canvas will begin to flash 5 times

Expanding Your Canvas System with Multiple Power Supplies

When setting up a layout that requires multiple power supplies, it’s important to understand that power flows through the system in a way that is entirely dependent on how you connect your panels to each other. Your Canvas system is designed to pro

Setting up my Nanoleaf Canvas on iOS

TIP: Lay out the design for your Canvas squares on the floor (or another flat surface) to ensure that each square is properly connected to a linker. Arrange the Canvas squares such that each is able to connect to at least one adjacent square. Use the

Setting Up My Nanoleaf Canvas on Android

TIP: Lay out the design for your Canvas panels on the floor or table to ensure that each square is properly connected to a linker. Upon opening the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. This is use

Setting up with Larger Layouts (More than 25 panels)

For those who are trying to fill your entire wall with squares, here are some tips which will allow you to best set up your Nanoleaf Canvas. Plan for enough power supplies to deliver 1W of power to each square (this is the maximum draw). The power su

Pairing your Nanoleaf Canvas

Once your squares are connected to the WiFi network (see the articles for setting up on iOS and Android for more details), a pairing sequence is required to complete the setup. Note: please ensure you're on version 3.0.3 or higher of the Nanoleaf App

Layout Assistant

We generally recommend using the Layout Assistant to test and configure your Nanoleaf Canvas before mounting the squares on the wall or ceiling. Once the Canvas squares have been successfully paired with the Nanoleaf App, the Layout Assistant becomes

Lost Pairing Code

If you lose the 8-digit pairing code and need to re-pair your device, the code can be retrieved in the following ways: On the cover of the User Guide booklet. On the back of the Control Square. NFC scanning the Control Square. On the cover of the U

How to Use Multiple Control Squares in the Same Layout

If your Nanoleaf Canvas system has more than one Control Square, it is important to place one of them into Passive Mode so that squares are taking commands from only one of the Control Squares. Setting your additional Control Squares into Passive Mod

Canvas Firmware Release Notes

6.2.1 (2021-10-08) Added support for Nanoleaf Canvas Control Squares to becomes Cloud Gateways for Nanoleaf Essentials   5.2.4 (2021-04-20) Minor bug fixes and stability improvements   5.0.1 (2021-01-30) Added ability to disable touch Changed th