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Expanding your Nanoleaf Lines Setup (Adding an Addition Power Supply)Updated 2 years ago

The Power Supply included in your Lines Smarter Kit can support up to 18 Light Lines. Extending the layout above 18 Light Lines requires an additional Power Supply. You can extend your setup by adding the Processor and Power Supply from a second Lines Smarter Kit. 

Here's how to accomplish this:

Step 1:

Ensure that both Lines Processors are on the firmware version 6.2.1 or higher. If either of the Processors are on an earlier firmware, you'll need to perform an update through the app.

Step 2:

Add the second Power Connector to your existing Nanoleaf Lines setup. The additional Processor will automatically go into passive mode while the first Processor will function as the main controller.

If you wish to extend you setup even further than the two Power Supplies allow, repeat these steps with any additional Power Supplies until you've completed the layout of your dreams!

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