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How to use your Nanoleaf Remote with Shapes and ElementsUpdated 2 years ago


Minimum requirements:

  • iOS 9.2 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher.
You can use Nanoleaf Remote with Shapes or Elements panels via Bluetooth. Please ensure to disable Thread Border Routing in the Nanoleaf App first before you begin with the pairing process!
Here is how:
  1. Open the Nanoleaf app and navigate to the dashboard
  2. Click on the top right icon to access device settings
  3. Select remote control in order to revert to remote mode

The Thread Border Routing will be deactivated and you can now begin to pair your Nanoleaf Remote.

Note:  Bluetooth and Thread cannot be used at the same time. You can always switch back to Thread at any time. If you successfully paired your Nanoleaf Remote before Thread was enabled, you would not need to pair your again!
For instructions on how to pair your Nanoleaf Remote to your Shapes and Elements, please click here:
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