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Setting up with Larger Layouts (More than 25 panels)Updated 3 years ago

For those who are trying to fill your entire wall with squares, here are some tips which will allow you to best set up your Nanoleaf Canvas. Plan for enough power supplies to deliver 1W of power to each square (this is the maximum draw). The power supply in the standard retail smarter kit is 25W, and a 75W version is available as an accessory.

Start with a Plan

Start by determining the design you would like for your Nanoleaf Canvas. Once this shape is complete, you will need to consider how to connect each square to the next. We recommend placing a row of squares at the bottom of the layout as an "anchor" and then add squares building up from the anchor. This not only allows the squares to distribute power more evenly, but the power supplies will likely be clustered around the bottom of the system. Implementing an “S” shaped internal configuration for power distribution is the least efficient, and will likely degrade system performance when you have a high number of squares.

Use the Heat Map

The heat map tool will help to determine where to place the power supplies on your layout. The heat map is designed to visually identify the best positions to connect power supplies in your layout. Initiate this mode by selecting the Brightness Up and Brightness Down buttons (+ and -) for 5 seconds. Squares which are blue indicate the optimal position to place the power supply. If that square is not accessible connect the power supply to the brightest white squares. Dark panels indicate a suboptimal placement position for power supplies.

Add More Squares

After implementing this with the first 50 squares, add the next 25 squares to the system. Once placed in your system, add the next power supply following the first two steps above. Standalone power supply units are available on The Nanoleaf Shop.

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