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Shapes Power SupplyUpdated 2 years ago

A 42W Shapes Power Supply Unit is included in the standard Shapes Smarter Kit. It connects to any of the Linker slots on your Shapes panels.

It is not a universal plug and can therefore only be used in either high or low voltage regions (depending on where the plug has been purchased). 

The 45W PSU can support approximately up to 21 Shapes panels, but it varies depending on the shape (ie. Hexagons, Triangles, or Mini Triangles)so if you want to expand your layout beyond 21 panels, you may require additional PSUs. You can use this PSU Calculator to calculate the exact number of Power Supplies you will need based on your layout.

TIP: The handy "Heat Map" tool can help to determine the ideal place to connect your Power Supply to on your layout.

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