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Nanoleaf Shapes

Shapes Linkers

Linker is a connector, connecting Hexagon Shape as well as the Controller to a unit. There are two different linkers, the regular linker and the power linker. The regular linker connects the Shapes to one another while the power linker connects the

Shapes Power Supply

The 42w power supply unit is included in the standard smarter kit. It is not a universal plug and can therefore only be used in either high or low voltage region (depending on where the plug has been purchased). The PSU can support up to 21 Shapes, e

Shapes Controller LEDs - What do the lights mean?

On the Hexagon Controller, there is an LED beside the two buttons that indicates whether your Hexagons are connected to WiFi or not. The four states of the LED are described below.  On: This indicates that the Light Panels are not connected to a WiFi

Reset Your Nanoleaf Shapes

Your Nanoleaf Hexagon can only be connected to one WiFi network at a time. The following steps will reset your Hexagons so they can be configured onto a new network or reset to factory settings. This will reset WiFi and all pairing information.

How to Pair: Setting up Nanoleaf Shapes on iOS

TIP: Lay out the design for your Nanoleaf Shapes on the floor (or another flat surface) to ensure that each panel is properly connected to a linker. Arrange the Shapes such that each is able to connect to at least one adjacent panel. Use the Layout A

How to Pair: Setting Up Shapes on Android

TIP: Lay out the design for your Hexagons panels on the floor or table to ensure that each panel is properly connected to a linker. Upon opening the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. This is us

How do I enable Hotspot Mode on the Shapes

By activating the hotspot mode on the Nanoleaf Shapes, the controller will begin to broadcast its own wifi, but with no internet connection.    Press and hold the rhythm as well as the power for 30 seconds. All 6 buttons on the controller will be

Shapes Firmware Release Notes

9.4.1 (2024-03-07) - Fixed an issue where Nanoleaf Screen Mirror was not working if users had multiple clients - Minor bug fixes and improvements