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Soft & Hard Reset Nanoleaf ShapesUpdated 9 months ago

Your Nanoleaf Hexagon can only be connected to one WiFi network at a time. The following steps will reset your Hexagons so they can be configured onto a new network or reset to factory settings.

Soft Reset: This will reset WiFi and all pairing information for your Hexagons, but will keep your saved scenes.

  1. Make sure that your Hexagon is plugged in to the wall outlet and has booted up (during bootup, all hexagons are white).
  2. Press and hold the Power and Plus buttons for 10 seconds. The button LEDs on the controller will start flashing rapidly.
  3. Release the two buttons, and after a few moments the Power button LED will remain on and steady.
  4. Delete the previous device from the app and proceed through setup by adding the Hexagon as a new device.

Hard Reset: This will reset your Hexagons to factory settings, deleting all WiFi settings and pairing data. Default scenes will be restored from the device memory. The Two-Way Sync feature can be used to back up and restore any custom Scenes that you've created. See below.

To perform a Hard Reset:

  1. Disconnect the system from power (unplug from the wall).
  2. While holding the Power and Plus buttons, plug the power supply back into power. 
  3. Continue holding the buttons down until the button LEDs on the Controller light up.
  4. Once the button LEDs come on, release the buttons. The button LEDs will flash to indicate that a hard reset will now take place.
  5. The controller will reset to factory defaults and boot up.
  6. The Hexagon is ready to be set up once the Power Button LED stops flashing and the panels begin cycling through different colours.
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