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Troubleshooting: Android App ErrorsUpdated 3 years ago

When using your Android device you might come across the following Android errors:

Error 01 or 04

This is usually an error related to setup where the phone is unable to connect to the Canvas and then back to the Wifi network. To resolve, try the following:

  • Powering your phone off and turning it on as this should clear the data.
  • Power cycling the Canvas - remove the power supply(s) from the setup or wall and plug in
  • Turning off the Bluetooth as this sometimes interferes with pairing.
  • Ensure that you are pairing to a 2.4GHz network

If this doesn't initially work, try connecting your phone directly to the Canvas Wifi (it will show up as Canvas xx:xx:xx in your Wifi settings in your phone) and then continue the setup.

You can also open the Nanoleaf application and under the Menu>Devices> Remove your Canvas device and try the process again. Remember to always connect to your 2.4GHz network, ensure any possible firewalls are turned off. 

Setup code is incorrect

This is a reference in regards to your pairing code that you are inputing. To solve this please review your pairing code you have entered. Your pairing code is 8 digits long, all numeric. If you have made multiple attempts and still have an issue, please contact our support team.

Error Code Unknown

Generally, you will receive this error if the mobile device is unable to find the Canvas on the network. You can resolve this by doing the following:

  • Power cycle the Canvas (unplug from the wall or unplug the Power supply(s) from the panels
  • Restart the phone
  • Input the Pairing code once again

Sometimes this error can occur if you're using a public internet at Work, University/College, or an apartment Wifi - since they could have many restrictions. Check out the article on setting up on a these networks here for best practices.

Accessory is Not Connected

This typically occurs if there are changes that are made to your network. This is usually accompanied by a 4s on/4s off flashing of the Power button LED. To resolve this:

  1. Perform a soft reset on the Canvas (hold the power and + button for 10 seconds until the button LEDs start flashing)
  2. Delete the Canvas from the App
  3. Add a new device follow the original setup steps

If the issue continues to persist consistently, this suggests that the Light Panels are not being discovered on the local network. Usually configuring some settings on the router can solve this. In particular, check for the following settings:

  • UPnP (enabled)
  • Multicast (enabled)
  • IGMP Snooping (enabled)
  • Client/AP Isolation (disabled)

One other option to test relies on the Wifi channel the router is using. Most routers will default to auto-select the optimal channel, which usually works well. However, with some models, this can cause issues in how the router communicates with your Light Panels. Selecting a fixed Wifi channel can help to mitigate this unreachability. The recommended channels are 1, 6 or 11.

If you are still having issues, check with your Internet Service Provider. 

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