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Troubleshooting: iOS App ErrorsUpdated 3 years ago

On iOS, there are a few error messages that might appear during or after the setup process. The list below, addresses the most common error message and troubleshooting steps.

The setup code is incorrect

The pairing code that was submitted through the app is incorrect. Please make sure to input the 8 digit pairing code correctly. If you input the pairing code correctly or scanned the code and still receive this error message, please contact us.

An unexpected error occurred

This error message appears if you are trying to setup the Canvas Squares or the Light Panels to a public WiFi such as at a school, dorm, work or at an apartment WiFi. These enterprise routers oftentimes have different security settings than those on standard home routers. Connecting to these networks may require additional assistance from an IT professional to configure. Check out our article on setting up on public WiFi networks for more information.

Network Configuration update

Deleting the existing pairing information by deleting the device from the app and performing a soft reset on the controller will resolve this. In order to delete the device from the Nanoleaf app you have to navigate to More > My Devices > Gear icon > Delete. Hold the Power button on the Canvas Square controller for 10 sec. On the Light Panels this can be done by holding the 2 buttons on the controller for about 10 sec. Once the LED on the controller begins to flash, release the buttons.

Accessory is Unreachable/ Accessory Not Connected

An unreachability can have various reasons, but this is typically an issue with connectivity particularly after switching WiFi Networks. Steps to take:

  1. Make sure the Panels are on the same local as your device
  2. Power cycle the Panels
  3. Turn the WiFi off and on on your device
  4. Power cycle your router

If the issue continues to persist, this suggests that the Light Panels are not being discovered on the local network. Usually configuring some settings on the router can solve this. In particular, check for the following settings:

  • UPnP (enabled)
  • Multicast (enabled)
  • IGMP Snooping (enabled)
  • Client/AP Isolation (disabled)

One other option to test relies on the WiFi channel the router is using. Most routers will default to auto-select the optimal channel, which usually works well. However, with some models, this can cause issues in how the router communicates with your Light Panels. Selecting a fixed WiFi channel can help to mitigate this unreachability. The recommended channels are 1, 6 or 11.

If you are still having issues, check with your Internet Service Provider. 

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