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What do the LEDs on the Canvas Control Square Indicate?Updated 3 years ago

On the Canvas Control Square, each button has an LED which backlights it. The table below shows what these LED indicators mean

LED Sequence Duration Indicator Meaning
Power LED On (White) Always The Canvas has not been setup onto a Wifi network. Once the Canvas has been configured to a Wifi network, this LED will turn off
Power LED Off Always Canvas has been configured to the Wifi network
Power LED Flashing 4s On, 4s Off

The Canvas was configured to a Wifi network, but can no longer find that network. Usually this status occurs when the network settings have been changed (SSID or password) or the router has changed.

To resolve, perform a soft reset, delete the device from the app and setup again.

Scroll Left/Right Until firmware has been updated The Canvas is downloading/updating the firmware and booting up after the firmware, respectively
Power LED Flash (GREEN) 0.1s On, 0.1s Off  Nanoleaf Remote Paired successfully. Check out the article on how to pair your Canvas to Remote for more details
Rhythm LED On Always Rhythm active and listening for sound data
Power LED Magenta  1 s Remote message received by the Canvas


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