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Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive my order. Please help!

In some unfortunate instances packages are not delivered. This can be a variety of reasons and therefore you can reach out to Nanoleaf and contact us. In some cases we can reach out to the carrier and file a claim on your behalf.   Please Note: Claim

I want to Return/Exchange my store bought Nanoleaf product

Store bought purchases need to returned to the place of purchase (Retailer/Reseller) for a full refund/exchange. Please refer to the Retailer/Reseller returns and exchange policy outline on their website or printed receipt or email receipt. If you

I am having connectivity issues with my panels!

If you're having any connectivity issues with your panels, please open a support ticket here:   Then, please send in a video of you doing a hard reset for us to review this issue. Please also ensure in the vide

Does Nanoleaf Price Match?

Like most companies, Nanoleaf is happy to price match active sales. We will price match our list of authorized resellers below or our own website:   If a major retailer is not listed pleas

My panels fell. Can I get assistance?

If your panels have fallen please contact us for assistance:   *****Nanoleaf can assist a customer with fallen panels based on certain criteria and our Warranty Process outlined in your region. Based on informati

Do I need to submit a video/picture for my issue?

When necessary, our support team may request photos and/or video to aid in diagnosing a hardware problem; these are required for replacement parts to be sent to you. Once we have the required picture or video we can pinpoint the problem to further as

Do I have to pay Customs Charges?

International customers who purchase with us are subject to customs and import charges based on their country and government regulations and standards. These charges are mandatory and must be paid to receive goods.   ****Nanoleaf cannot control custo

How long is Shipping after I place my order?

The following are average Shipping Delivery Estimates once the order ships out but these can change based on the carriers needs and shipping method used.   **** Nanoleaf cannot control delays in shipping which is solely based on the carrier's end and

How does the Nanoleaf Warranty work?

The Nanoleaf Warranty is outlined below:   Warranty & Returns Plain Language   Nanoleaf’s Limited Warranty: Nanoleaf products are covered by a limited warranty from Nanoleaf: a two-yea

Can I use my Nanoleaf product outside?

Please Note: All Nanoleaf products are rated to work inside only at room  temperature. Bathrooms are also not a recommended place to use due to heat build from steam and condensation. Our products are also not waterproof.

Do you have more specifications about your products?

You can find our full comprehensive specifications in the link below

How do I contact Nanoleaf?

If you need to contact us for any reason please use the link below:

What Internet WIFI does Nanoleaf support

Please note, all of our Wifi enabled products only support 2.4 GHZ WIFI.

Double Tap Support on Canvas, Shapes and Elements

In firmware version 6.1.2 of Canvas, Shapes, and Elements, we removed the ability to use double tap to toggle panel power.    This particular feature was causing panels to unexpectedly turn on for some users, which is simply: not great. We want our p

What is the difference between the triangular Light Panels and Shapes Triangles?

Similarities Nanoleaf Light Panels and Shapes Triangles are both triangular in shape. Both are capable of displaying over 16 million colors. Both can react to sound. They are both controllable with the Nanoleaf app and other integrations such as by v

Can the Light Panels and Canvas Light Squares be combined?

No, the Light Panels and the Canvas Light Squares are not physically compatible, and can therefore not be connected together. However, they both use the Nanoleaf App, so you can control them together by creating a Group Scene.

Do you sell the mounting tape?

We do not sell the mounting tapes for the following products: Nanoleaf Canvas Nanoleaf Light Panels You can find the same 3M Command Tape at any local hardware or craft store.   We do sell the mounting tape for the entire Nanoleaf Shapes line on

I’m having connectivity or pairing issues

It is important to verify the LED status on the Controller or Control Square before troubleshooting.    Step 1: If the LED on the power button on the Control Square or Controller is off, make sure your device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Nano

My panels are unexpectedly turning white

White panels can have different causes. You can try these troubleshooting steps before reaching out to support.   Step 1: Power cycle your Nanoleaf panels by unplugging them from power for 10 seconds Step 2: If the issue persists, disconnect the Cont

Can I expand my Nanoleaf setup? How many panels can I use with a single Controller or power supply unit?

Yes you can expand your existing Nanoleaf setup with Expansion Packs. With one Controller you can have up to 500 Shapes panels, 500 Canvas squares, or 30 Light Panels in your layout. You may need to add additional PSUs as you add a significant number

Are Nanoleaf panels and bulbs waterproof?

No, Nanoleaf products are NOT waterproof or water resistant. Our panels and bulbs and adhesives are not designed to be exposed to high levels of humidity, and are therefore not recommended to be placed in washrooms, near the sink in kitchens, or outd

I lost my pairing code, where can I find it?

The pairing code is an 8 digit code that can be found on the postcard that came with your Smarter Kit, on the back of the Controller or Control Square, or on the the PSU (Canvas and Shapes only) The pairing code is written in the following format XXX

I am in a University/Dorm/Office, can I use the panels?

Enterprise style routers such as those on college/university campuses, offices, or apartments often have different security settings than those on standard consumer routers. Connecting your Nanoleaf products is possible, but may require additional as

Do I need the internet or a device (phone/tablet) to use Nanoleaf panels?

You can use the panels straight out of the box without connecting them to the internet or your device. Hundreds of preset Scenes are built into the Controller or Control Square. If you would like to access more features and control your panels with t

Can I sync Nanoleaf lights directly to my monitor or TV?

Yes, you can use the Screen Mirror feature to reflect your screen colors onto your panels. This is accomplished with the Nanoleaf Desktop App. Use Screen Mirror with a computer, laptop, or TV (TV should be connected with an HDMI or Airplay to your la

I did not receive my tracking information

We’re so sorry if you are dealing with a shipping delay or if you did not receive your tracking information yet! Our system does process the order which might take a couple of days but we always aim for sooner.   If you are experiencing any shipping

Reporting Product Security Issues

We want to ensure our products are as secure as possible. If you would like to report a security or privacy vulnerability, please email [email protected] that includes:. We endeavor to respond to security reports within 1-2 weeks. Please u

How do I sign up for beta software updates for my Nanoleaf lights?

Anyone with a Nanoleaf account can opt-in to our public beta firmware programs through our forum. This allows your Nanoleaf lights to get access to new features and fixes available in the beta firmware updates, and helps us to gain valuable insights